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    Archive - 2004


December - APT completes a Feasibility Study for a Tilapia project in Africa
APT completed a Feasibility Study for a Tilapia project in Eastern Africa, with a capacity of 2,500 tons fish per year, equivalent to 15,000 kg skinless, boneless fillets per week. The project will use APT’s ND-41 Tilapia strain, which yields All-Male fry without hormonal sex-reversal.

December - Site selection visit to Nigeria
APT professional team returned from a site selection visit in one of the States in Nigeria. A suitable site, with a river water source, was identified and secured for a large Central Farm project of 2,500 tons per year of 900 grams fish for export of fresh fillets to the EU. In addition, the Central Farm will produce fry for the production of 650 grams fish intended for the local market, and produced in Satellite Farms.

December - More than 7 million fry of hormone-free ND-41 Tilapia fry produced
ND Fish farm in Israel produced more than 7 million fry of hormone-free ND-41 Tilapia fry in 2004, for its own production and for other fish farms, relying on it. ND-41 Tilapia (O. aurea) is exported fresh to the EU by an ‘Organically Certified’ Tilapia producer. ND-41 is a fast growing fish, stocked at 100 grams and reaching 1.0 kg within 180 days, growing at a rate of ~ 5.0 grams per day.

September - Initiation of new project development in Ghana
APT announces initiation of a new Tilapia fish farm in Ghana, which will include HACCP-approved Tilapia processing plant, for the preparation of fresh, skinless, boneless Tilapia fillets for exporting to the EU. The project is located in an irrigation command area near Accra. The project is designed as an Integrated Aquaculture and Irrigation system, allowing irrigated agricultural farms to diversify and include fish farming, by using the water twice: first for fish production, and then for irrigation.

March - Begin exporting fish from Belize
APT announces that a Tilapia fish farm in Belize, designed and supported technologically by APT, began to export fresh Tilapia fillets to the US, using an automated Tilapia Processing Plant.


November - 'Organic' Tilapia in Peru
First exports of Tilapia fish fillets from the Tilapia fish farm in Peru. The Tilapia farm uses special genetic parental brood stock, ND-41, which spawns only male fry Tilapia, without hormonal treatment. This strain complies with the 'Organic Tilapia' product seal.

August - 'Best Product Award' won by Honduras project
Fresh Tilapia fillets from the Tilapia project in Honduras won the ‘Best Product award’ by the US Restaurant Association. The demand for fresh Tilapia fillets in the US seafood market continues to grow at a rate of 35% per year, and Tilapia fillets are included in the “10 most wanted seafood products in the US ”.

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