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    Archive - 2005

December - APT completes a Feasibility Study for a Tilapia project in Trinidad
APT completed a Feasibility Study and Business Plan for a Tilapia project in Trinidad. The project will be developed in three stages of 1,600 tons fish per year, equivalent to a final capacity of 3.7 million Lb. of skinless, boneless fillets per year to be exported fresh to the U.S. The project will use APTís ND-41 Tilapia strain, which yields All-Male fry without hormonal sex-reversal.

November - APT conducts a feasibility study for a Tilapia project in Ghana
EU and US investors invited APT to conduct a site selection visit for the establishment of a new fish farming project in Ghana. The APT team evaluated sites with varying land and water conditions. A highly suitable site with ample land and water source was identified and secured. APT is currently designing a three stage project, each with a capacity of 2,000 tons per year, aimed at exporting fresh fillets to the EU.

November - APT and Sigma Communication Ltd., of Trinidad win Caroni bid
APT and Sigma Communication Ltd., submitted and won a bid proposal for land and facilities at Caroni Orange Grove Estate for the development of advanced fish farming in Trinidad.

October - APT prepares a preliminary plan for aquaculture development in India
APT was invited by the Government of a Northern State in India to prepare and submit a preliminary plan for: (a) introducing advanced fish farming technology; and (b) integrated fish farming with irrigated Agriculture.

January - Expansion of ongoing project in Central America
APT-designed fish farm in one of the countries in Central America, is expanding production capacity from 5,800 to 9,000 tons Tilapia per year. APT provides the engineering and production concepts. APT designed the original facilities in 1996-7, based on gravity water flow, through four production stages of 1,000 ton/year each. The project has been already expanded twice, between 2000 and 2002. The present expansion requires design and implementation of a different production strategy, using earthen ponds, with production capacity of about 35-40 tons per hectare per year.

January - Expansion of APT-designed fish farm in Belize
Fresh Catch Belize, triples production to more than 4,000 tons per year. APT is engaged in the engineering of all facilities and the production plan.

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