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Three projects are being investigated in parallel, two of them using intensive closed systems and one, greenwater recirculating system.  The projects will grow Catfish, or Tilapia, or both.
APT completed work on its contract with the World Bank and the Government of Nigeria, to improve development of the Catfish industry in 3 States: Lagos, Kaduna and Abia.  APT's approved work plan includes implementation of Best Practice production procedures and preparation of practical and realistic MSME Production Modules, based on local conditions and rehabilitation of failed existing farms.  APT defined specific areas of the value chain to be supported by grants from the World Bank-NIPC MSME Catfish Project Fund, managed by APT and its co-partner in Nigeria, Quick Projects of Lagos.

A vertically integrated Mega Tilapia Project is being planned as part of an integrated large agricultural/aquaculture complex, sponsored by the Government, using water from the Zambezi River.  The products will be marketed in Botswana, other African countries, and, eventually, in the European Community markets. The design of the complex has been initiated.

The site allocated for a new project has been inspected by APT's team of experts and the Business Plan is being prepared.

An Agreement for a new project has been signed and the Site Review process is being planned to start in June.

A new project connected with the present fish processing industry is being reviewed in an attempt to cope with reduced availability of fish from the Lake Victoria.

Financial arrangements are being coordinated for a 2,200 tons/year greenwater recirculated system, to be implemented on the Volta River banks.
Two additional potential Tilapia projects are being studied.

Two Tilapia projects are being pursued.  Site Reviews have been completed and the Business Plan for one of the projects is underway.

A new semi-industrialized Catfish project, sponsored by foreign investors, is in the last stages of approval. The Business Plan has been completed and the financial package is being prepared.


A Tilapia project is presently being designed; construction activities started in the second quarter of 2009.  A second Tilapia project is under the initial stages of financing.  Both projects will cooperate in processing the fish and exporting fresh fillets to the USA.  Two additional projects are in the stage of investigation.

Two new projects are being pursued and are in the stage of sites identification. For a third project, potential sites have been inspected, the Business Plan has been completed and the investment group is being organized.

A new, foreign investment based project is being promoted for implementation.


Dominican Republic
The Business Plan for a project has been completed and is currently under consideration for implementation.  A second project has been reviewed, the Site Inspection has been carried out, the site has been approved and the Business Plan is underway.
Two additional projects are being discussed and financial resources are being looked for.


A large project, based on the Canal del Dique water, is being reviewed for implementation by the private sector.  Sources of co-investors are being investigated.

APT is a partner in a conglomerate of international firms bidding for a large aquaculture/agriculture complex to be established in the country.

A Shrimp Farm in Guayaquil is presently under design for conversion into a Tilapia Farm.

Discussions are under way with the Government and private investors for the development of a large-scale integrated project, combining fish production with irrigated agricultural crops.


Canary Islands
Two new Tilapia projects, using intensive closed systems, are under the planning stage and will be implemented on two of the Canary Islands.


A sophisticated and advanced commercial venture integrating aquaculture, agriculture and renewable energy is being promoted.  The Business Plans have been submitted and the financial package is being prepared.  The complex will combine Israeli, Canadian and German advanced technologies in the respective fields.

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